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Herbal Tea - Serenity (organic) (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.50
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Herbal Tea - Breathe Ease (organic) (4 oz)
Our Price: $14.50
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HerbalAroma™ Oil - Menstrual Ease (2 oz)
Our Price: $26.50
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Welcome Treasures!

Sensual Mystiq encourages you to know yourself intimately; accepting and loving yourself unconditionally. Who knows you better than you? Who knows your deepest thoughts, feelings, beliefs…Your wants, needs, desires. All of the answers you seek are within; Sensual Mystiq will help you find your tools of empowerment to guide you along the way.

Together we will create a customized plan you can easily integrate with your lifestyle. Change is sometimes uncomfortable but always necessary to achieve your personal and/or professional goals.

Sensual Mystiq (Sensual: endowed with feelings) (Mystiq: who you are authentically)

Inspiring: Self-love Self-empowerment Self-compassion

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We are looking forward to connecting with you.

Love, Peace & Blessings...

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HerbalAroma™ Oil - Breathe Ease (2 oz)

Our Price: $21.50
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Holistic replacement for commercial vapor rubs. Combination of herbs and essential oils will assist with opening bronchial and nasal passages. Also relieves sinus pain headaches and soothes most sore throat ailments. For increases results our Breathe Ease Herbal Tea to alleviate dry hacking cough, stuffy nose, post nasal drip, and itchy eyes We also recommend use of a nasal rinse tool to help flush out allergens.